In today's greener society we are all encouraged to make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Well, if this is something you are conscious of and you want to make a contribution, Jigsol can help you. We have found that when asking your clients about the preferred delivery of invoices more than 70% would prefer to be emailed their invoice and timesheet rather than receive it in the post. As our system is able to turn this feature on, on a per client basis you do not have to enforce it for clients who are not happy with this method.

We have also found that when clients receive their invoices by email the debtor days have reduced the number of missing invoices dramatically reduce. We also found that the credit controller within the business is able to react alot quicker and are able to deliver any missing documents in the conversation rather than have to chase 2-3 days later to check the safe arrival.

At Jigsol, we thrive on being able to deliver well and beyond your expectations.

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