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The internet now enables many tasks to be carried out online, and in keeping with our use of the latest technologies, we offer our clients access to some safe, reliable web-based processes which can revolutionise their efficiency.

The system provides three key access points:

Worker Portal – this enables workers to collect payslips online, input timesheets, change personal details and view a future and historical work diary. The software can handle two types of timesheets: the first method is for the worker to input their timesheet (either through the week, saving it as they go along, or at the end of the week). They can then print off the timesheet from the system and get a manager to sign the paper timesheet and fax it back to the agency, or directly back to us at Jigsol. The second method is the same as above but rather than print the timesheet they submit it electronically to their manager who is sent an e-mail prompting them to log in and authorise it.

Client Portal – this allows clients to authorise on-line timesheets individually or in batches, view financial details such as invoices and credit notes and also to manage personal details.

Consultant Portal – this allows the agency to view any stored information regarding the workers, clients, timesheet, payslip and invoice history. We can store all the assignments that are held on the system with the rates.

This portal makes it a very easy way for the consultant/agency to outsource the solution but remain in control of what is happening on a regular basis.

As part of the package we offer the agency and its consultants free training on how to use the software and how to roll it out to the workers and clients should this option be required.

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