A key feature of the online and offline services Jigsol provides for all clients – but especially those in the recruitment sector – is the emphasis we put on regular and comprehensive reporting.

In most cases, we provide reports each week, many of which are customised to meet the specific needs of an individual agency.

Standard reports consist of the following:

  • Gross margin reports
  • Payroll total reports
  • Copies of all payslips and remittances
  • Copies of all invoices sent out
  • BACS, cheque and cash report
  • Holiday accrual report
  • Daybooks
  • Monthly margin reports for staff payroll calculations

Copies of sales invoices and credit notes can be seamlessly exported into a client’s accounts software.

To find out more about how you can get a better service from a better accountant, call us at Jigsol today.

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