Accounts Preparation

A fitness test for your business

We have an experienced team to deal efficiently and effectively with the preparation and filing of statutory financial statements for Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships, as well as trading accounts for Sole Traders.

Analysis of the figures provides valuable information from which we advise our clients on ways to improve their business, become financially healthier and more efficient. They often highlight potential problems and possible areas of opportunity which may not be obvious to the management.

At Jigsol, our aim is to help our clients maintain good quality accounting records and to benefit from the information that those records yield.

Year-end accounts may be the minimum requirement but we encourage our clients to consider monthly or quarterly reviews, in a format which is tailored to their specific requirements.

This enables them to take informed decisions, minimising the risk of bad debts and other problems which can be nipped in the bud as a result of our regular and proactive approach to our clients’ business.

News and information on accounting dates

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