Let our experience give you better value

Our audit team is experienced in dealing with both statutory and regulatory audits in a variety of sectors.

At Jigsol we are ACCA Registered Auditors with over ten years of auditing experience. By working closely with our clients, their own needs - and the specifics of their operating sector - can be addressed.

We believe that a company audit should be a useful and value-adding exercise, whether or not you are required to have your accounts audited by statute.

We approach our audits from a ‘risk-based\' perspective, concentrating on key areas that we have identified through our audit planning exercise and from our knowledge of the client. This keeps audit costs to a minimum, whilst adding value to the business.

Unlike some large accounting practices, Jigsol never uses inexperienced auditors,as they tend to have less knowledge of the client’s sector, and provide less attention to detail, which leads to higher charges in the long run.

Whilst we’re always mindful of the need to keep our fees competitive, our experienced auditors have the highest awareness of the latest regulations and understand the value of delivering a professional yet personal service.

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