Prepaid Debit Card

The new way to solve an enduring problem

What happens when you take on a new employee and they don't have a bank account? For many businesses, this is a common and ongoing issue.

One option is to pay them separately or even give them cash, but this is time consuming for you, and inconvenient and unsafe for your employee.

We believe that we have a much better option using a new payroll solution - the Clear Pay Prepay Maestro Card.

This enables you to pay employees electronically, as if they had a regular bank account, using your normal BACS system, and the card allows them to spend normally, without having to carry cash.They receive their pay promptly – and securely.

The system has the added benefit that it prevents the employee from overspending, as they can only use whatever funds are pre-loadedonto the card at the time.

This product is owned by Jigsol Card Services Limited, a subsidiary of the Jigsol Group Limited. Further details are available at

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