Processing Payrolls

Taking care of every penny

The operational processing of a payroll system involves a complex series of stages and formulations designed to ensure that pitfalls are avoided and transactions are made with the maximum of accuracy and the minimum of fuss.

Typically, it will involve us preparing, validating and inputting all the data provided by you on a monthly basis. And – as required – we will give you records and analysis of all the outcomes.

And in addition to the functional process of paying salaries and wages, we also take on the peripheral tasks, relieving you of these often-intricate issues, including:

  • Setting up records for all new starters
  • Validating P45s, checking figures and sending them to HMRC
  • Chasing P46s for new starters and forwarding them to HMRC
  • Creating P45s as required
  • Managing personal data changes
  • Deducting pension or student loan contributions
  • Calculating SSP, SMP, SPP or SAP
  • Activating correct NI rates and calculating PAYE/NI payments
  • Dealing with PAYE investigations (subject to authority)
  • Calculating holiday pay
  • Reconciling the payroll
  • Ensuring that any deductions do not result in negative payments
  • Maintaining records for leavers until the tax year end
  • Handling all pay enquiries
  • Validating bank sort codes and processing BACS payments
  • Liaising with HMRC.

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