BIRD Travel PR

How Lorem increased their revenue by 30%

The company

BIRD Travel PR (accounting), Daisy had been running a boutique PR agency for over 10 years when she approached Jigsol that specialises in the magnifying of brand profiles for clients across a variety of industries including the luxury travel industry.

The problem

To run her business in an efficient manner Daisy required new systems and employee-friendly processes to keep up-to-date financial data, produce reliable management reports and offer effective financial planning to avoid any last-minute surprises. Her previous accountants had been with her since the business launched but was not resourced sufficiently to provide this level of service and to support business growth.

The outcome

Jigsol understood these requirements and put in place the necessary team to provide Daisy with the information she requires presented and explained to her in a way she understands to run her business. They took a significantly more pro-active approach to client and employee liaison to take the burden off Daisy building a bespoke team for her business consisting of payroll, credit control, financial reporting and tax planning.

The solution

The Jigsol team works with Daisy, her staff and her other advisors to produce monthly information to help her run the business.

I’ve worked with Jigsol since 2019 and quickly felt the value of having a team of trustworthy experts working as our out-sourced finance team. As a sole business owner, they have relieved a huge burden off me by helping to implement more efficient processes and liaising seamlessly with my employees and clients to keep financial information up-to-date and – crucially – our bills paid in a more timely manner.

With Jigsol you get access to the whole team, not just one person. They put the right person with the right skillset to deal with the issue that arises and I also appreciate that the Directors make themselves available for important matters regarding financial planning or tax. They are down-to-earth nice people too, which goes a long way in my book.

Daisy at BIRD Travel PR

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