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JIGSOL is a leading hospitality accountancy services and technology business.

It was formed in 2013 in response to the challenges which many under-resourced and overstretched businesses faced. Jigsol provides a wide range of services including accountancy, tax, real-time bookkeeping, data, automation, and digital marketing. Our team of experienced chartered accountants, mathematicians, programmers, and data analysts are here to drive your business forward.

A deeper connection and understanding
of your business

Utilising our data-driven, real-time, accounting, and analytical approach, the Jigsol platform connects you to your business at a deeper level than ever before. We will deliver the critical insight and understanding required to ensure you have the clarity, vision and infrastructure needed for business growth and success.

What our clients say

  • Elleric, London
    I have been with Jigsol since 2005 and it has always been a pleasure dealing with the partners and the team as. they are always very friendly and helpful. My company would not be the same without them. The advice they have given me over the of years have been priceless. They are a company true to their word and I HIGHLY recommend them.
    Elleric, London
  • Eyespy360, London
    We have used Jigsol since we started in 2016, and they have fully supported us as we grow with our bookkeeping, managements and R&D claims. Their extensive offering allows us to stay in control as our demands increase. They are always there to help and with their new offering of analytics we could not imagine a better service and love how they embrace technology. It is so unique for an accountant.
    Eyespy360, London
  • Get the Cream Ltd
    We use Jigsol Analytics to view many things about our business that would take hours to do manually. I can track my social media, how many call back requests we’ve had & pull reports off in minutes. It’s so easy to manage my business when I have clear numbers to base my decisions on.
    Get the Cream Ltd

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