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If data is king, then Jigsol Analytics can make you an emperor! That’s because with our customised digital dashboard, you can view any number of live data sources all presented in one place and accessed through your web browser. Jigsol Analytics can pull in any data point that you control, from daily revenue to site visits, social media mentions to footfall, labour costs to bookings.

Unlimited number of data points curated into one easy to use dashboard

Real-time data available to you 24/7, accessed securely via your web browser

Clear, easy to understand graphical data charts and visualisations

Permissions based system so you can choose who gets to see what data

SAAS (software as a service) subscription from just £75 per month

Available as standalone software or integrated within the wider Jigsol ecosystem

All set-up, customisation and ongoing support included within your monthly fee

Option to brand the platform with your own logo, colours and URL

We’ll build the bridge that connects your critical data

Jigsol Analytics software provides real-time business reporting that will help you understand the dynamics of your business 24 hours a day, everyday. We don’t just provide you with software; we also include a fully managed support service to go with it. We’ll onboard you and set-up the data feeds exactly as you want them, hand-holding as much as you need and maximising the platform so that you gain the most out of your instantly accessible data.

We’ll integrate all types of data sources and reports for you, including stock levels, point-of-sale, booking systems, social media, lead generation and sales. If you are running Jigsol Rota as part of the Jigsol ecosystem, we’ll connect that up too, delivering a comprehensive live snapshot of your business’s current position.

See the health of your business in real-time, anytime

All data is presented in understandable, visual graphics such as tables, pie charts and scatter graphs, rather than rows and columns in spreadsheets. Viewing this data will enable you to identify the most profitable or critical areas of your business (even show you where you might be losing money right now) creating the opportunity for you to take appropriate action. As the software is accessed through a web browser, you can use it any time of day or night on your desktop PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Jigsol Analytics is permissions based which means you can control exactly who has access to what data. You can limit what different employees or departments can see, from excluding whole data sources entirely, right through to hiding specific data fields on a particular data source. We also offer the option of a white label version of our platform, which can be branded with your own logo, colours and bespoke URL or subdomain.

By engaging Jigsol Accountancy as well, you’ll also have the backing of our expert team of accountants and advisors who'll always be able to see the complete picture of your business health at any given time.

What our clients say

  • Get the Cream Ltd
    We use Jigsol Analytics to view many things about our business that would take hours to do manually. I can track my social media, how many call back requests we’ve had & pull reports off in minutes. It’s so easy to manage my business when I have clear numbers to base my decisions on.
    Get the Cream Ltd

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