Delivering financial insight

Ecosystem Logistics • Accountancy

The company

Ecosystem Logistics is a major delivery logistics provider for perishable goods. Their custom solution ensures food is delivered from the warehouse to a customer’s door in a timely fashion and in pristine condition

The problem

The client was using an outsourced bookkeeping and accountancy service that they were beginning to feel had limitations. Information was being reported back at the last minute, and not always accurately. They also felt that the service lacked any advantageous advice or insights from the data that could financially benefit the business.

The solution

We understand the importance of getting the numbers right. We also understand that it takes a level of experience and accountancy expertise to dig deeper and potentially find ways to make the numbers work harder for a business.

So, our accountancy and technical teams worked together to develop a system to manage the client’s finances with more accuracy and at greater speed. Most importantly, as we delved into their finances, we uncovered cost savings and provided advice on different accountancy methods to increase their profitability. This ‘human touch’ ensures we can always provide the most accurate numbers but also get under the skin of the numbers with financial advice that can benefit your business.

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